You've reached the home page of Martin Stražar, PhD, a computational biologist and machine learning scientist, currently based in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Currently a part of Program of Infectious diseases and the Microbiome (the Ramnik Xavier lab) at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Cambridge, MA. Formerly at Department of Computer Science (Biolab at FRI), University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

My main interests include computational method development in microbial genomics, metabolomics, host-microbe interactions and biological sequences (RNA, proteins, etc.). I see the microbial genomic diversity as an untapped potential of solutions to forthcoming challenges in health, disease and the environment.

I enjoy an environmentally-friendly life-style; long bike rides, hikes or both and staring at soccer (football) data. I'm also an unofficial ambassador of Slovenian Pandolo federation (Zveza društev igre Pandolo Slovenije), a nonprofit custodian of Mediterranean traditional sports.

Contact: @mstrazar07 (twitter) or my name.surname at gmail.